Can I join as an individual or only as a member of a community group or care home?

At present, you can only sign up if you are a group. If you are an individual that would like to get involved, please email and one of our TwM Connectors will arrange a time to chat to you.

Can we change our group point of contact should the person leave or for any other reason once we sign up?

Yes, your group profile can be edited and updated at any point. Click here to update your group profile!

What format and file size do we 'Share our Song' with?

Once you have recorded your song, please save the video file, and then upload and 'Share Your Song!' here. The maximum video file size that can be uploaded is 1000MB, with a recommended resolution of 920 x 1080px. You can also upload your videos in the following formats: AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPE, MP4, MKV, WebM, MOV, OGV, VOB, M4V, 3GP, DivX, XVID, MXF, WMV, M1V, FLV, M2TS Once uploaded, your video is automatically transcoded into MPEG4 (containing the H.264 codec).

Will homes only be connecting to one school or group at a time with one song?

You can make as many local connections as you would like. At every introduction, your song will be used to say hello! You will not need to re submit a new song but you must complete Bronze, Silver and Gold with each connection.

If we have more than one connection, do more songs need to be produced?

You will not need to re-submit a new song but you must complete Bronze, Silver and Gold with each connection.

What happens when you request a song?

If your group decides to ' Request a Song!' instead of performing a song, they must fill out the ' Request a Song Form' whith their song choice, and why this song is important to them. Click here to 'Request a Song!' The TwM Connectors will then send your choice to your local intergenerational connection - who will perform it back to you. Your TwM connector will be responsible for ensuring that the musical messages are received.

Will the connector be there for each new connection meet up?

Your TwM Connector will be on hand to support and guide you through. At each step, you will be able to contact them with any questions or queries and they will help arrange any meet ups.

How do I encourage an already established local community connection to be a part of this project?

We want to inspire those existing and new connections to be a part of ‘Together with Music’. The Member's Zone will offer an abundance of resources, toolkits, training, support, fundraising guidance and local opportunities. The resources are designed to help support sustainable connections.

How to I send my "Message of Hope"?

Once you have shared your song. We will challenge you to write a message of hope to share with your connection. During this time, it is important to remind those around you that you care and we think a message of hope is the perfect way to do it. Creating and Sharing Your Message
1. Start by printing out the template provided by us.
2. Give a copy to each of the residents, carers, children and teachers so that they can write their own special message.
You could think about things that make you happy or maybe things that calm you when life gets a little crazy! You could even put your thoughts into a poem or a positive picture! 3. Take a picture of some of the examples to share.
4. Finally, pop your messages in an envelope and post to your intergenerational connection.


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